Wild Wind Suit

February 4, 2009

Blood Orange Energy

December 6, 2008

very cool energy drink by Rubyy. love the back light, the bottle design and the overall feel of this energy drink. not your standard redbull design.

Check out Rubyy.com



October 23, 2008

wild work!

check out more! hypnoteis.nl

moleskine art

October 23, 2008

those sexy little books made for notes and planning have been taken and had more than words added to them. 

fish mix

October 22, 2008

swimming fish powering music mix, crazy wild!

wild workspaces

October 21, 2008

have a cool workspace you want to share with the world? leave a comment with some pictures. here are a few wild workplaces i have come across. would love to work in any of these!

killer type design

October 19, 2008

looking for some good type design inspiration? found it!

when it comes to design work, typography is so key. good typography equals good design.

obey dexter poster

October 19, 2008

never got into any TV show, but dexter on showtime has been very hooking. found this beautiful poster designed by shepard fairey, man behind obey giant.

banksy’s pet store

October 11, 2008

wooster collective has posted pictures of Banksy‘s pet store, it is not banksy’s normal style, no stencil work or wheatpaste. there are animitronic animals like in a real pet store. take a look.

the thought and time that goes into something like this is mind blowing.